Advanced EMT

Advanced EMT
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Are you a certified EMT ready to expand your scope of practice and make a bigger impact? NHCPR's Advanced EMT (AEMT) training program equips you with the knowledge and skills to provide more advanced emergency medical care, opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

Master Critical Skills

  • Advanced Airway Management: Secure and manage airways in diverse situations.
  • In-Depth Patient Assessment: Accurately diagnose and prioritize complex medical conditions.
  • Comprehensive Medical & Trauma Emergencies: Master protocols for treating a wide range of life-threatening situations.
  • Pediatric Expertise: Provide specialized care for infants and children in emergencies.
  • And Much More: Gain proficiency in bloodborne pathogens, extrication, HazMat response, and incident command.

Our AEMT training program offers a hybrid format that combines the flexibility of online learning with the critical skill development of in-class practice. This allows you to:

  • Master key concepts: Access engaging online modules with interactive content, quizzes, and resources.
  • Sharpen your skills through hands-on practice: Participate in in-class sessions led by experienced instructors, focusing on scenario-based simulations and skill labs.
  • Gain real-world experience: Practice critical interventions and decision-making in a controlled environment, building your confidence for real emergencies.

This blended approach ensures you gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to become a successful AEMT, providing a well-rounded learning experience that caters to diverse learning styles.

Balance online flexibility with hands-on mastery:

  • 5-8+ hours/week online: Learn at your own pace with engaging modules, exercises, and resources.
  • 30+ hours in class: Sharpen skills through hands-on practice, knowledge reinforcement, and realistic scenarios.
  • 80+/- hours clinical: Gain real-world experience at hospitals/ambulances under expert guidance.

Remember: This is an estimate, and individual needs may vary. We're here to support you every step of the way!

Flexibility matters:

  • Online learning fits your schedule within the weekly range.
  • Fixed classroom sessions ensure focused learning.
  • Flexible clinical scheduling options are available.

    Course Cost:  See the course listing below.

    Deposit: When you click the "enroll now" link, a $350.00 non-refundable deposit is required. This deposit is applied to the course fee. 

    Additional student costs:  NREMT written testing fees, immunizations, criminal background checks + drug tests (approx 150.00), uniform pants, uniform shirt, boots, books, online A&P Medical Terminology, HIPAA awareness (approx 89.00), PPE, and other incidental costs.

    You may be able to get this class for free in NH.

    To aid in recruiting and retaining Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), the State of New Hampshire has established a program that covers the cost of EMT and Advanced EMT training.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

    Prerequisites: AHA BLS CPR card (taken within 12 months of the course start date), EMT or EMT-B provider.  Computer with internet access, speakers, printer, and webcam.

    Students must obtain and bring proof of health insurance and the following immunizations by the 2nd week of class. They are:

    • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR):  either proof of MMR immunization within the last eight years or a positive titer (a blood draw showing that immunization already exists).
    • Tetanus (Tdap):  immunization must be within the last ten years.
    • Negative TB skin test (PPD):  The skin test date must be less than six months before beginning your clinical rotation. Persons with a history of a positive PPD test must provide documentation of a recent chest X-ray and a review of symptoms within the past 12 months. If a chest X-ray is abnormal, clinician clearance must also be provided.
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox): Documentation of both varicella vaccine shots or a positive varicella titer.
    • Hepatitis B vaccine series:  documentation showing that the Hepatitis B series of immunizations (total of three doses) has been started by the end of the first month of class or documentation showing a positive Hep B titer.
    • Recent Flu Shot:  some clinical sites may require this depending on the status of the flu season

     For more information on these shots/titers, please call our Health Services office at 603-668-5360.

    Certification: Upon successfully completing this course, students will be eligible for the National Registry of EMTs test for Advanced EMT certification.

    Date/Time Course Name Location Availability Enroll
    Wednesday Sep 04, 2024
    Advanced EMT - Salem
    NHCPR - Salem
    NHCPR - Salem
    15 Ermer Rd, Salem NH
    Almost Full - Enroll Soon Enroll

    Sep 2024 Salem AEMT Class Schedule Online learning begins September 4th, and the first in-classroom session is on October 8th. 

    Wednesday Sep 04, 2024
    Advanced EMT - Bedford
    NHCPR - Bedford
    NHCPR - Bedford
    9 Cedarwood Dr, Unit 12, Bedford NH 03110 Bedford, NH 03110 United States
    Enrollment Open - Space Available Enroll

    Sep 2024 Bedford AEMT Class Schedule Online learning begins September 4th, and the first in-classroom session is on October 9th. 

    Wednesday Sep 04, 2024
    Advanced EMT - Portsmouth
    NHCPR - Portsmouth
    NHCPR - Portsmouth
    210 West Rd, Suite 5B, Portsmouth NH 03801
    Almost Full - Enroll Soon Enroll

    Sep 2024 Portsmouth AEMT Class Schedule Online learning begins September 4th, and the first in-classroom session is on October 10th. 

    Tuesday Mar 04, 2025
    Advanced EMT - ALL LOCATIONS
    Enrollment Opens - Mar 01, 2025 12:00 am
    Registration will be started on 03-01-2025

    Click HERE to be notified when enrollment opens.